Food Truck & Stand Information

Event Details

When: Sunday, August 25th 11am-6pm
Where: Oak Park

Securing Your Spot

Submitting an application does not guarantee participation. Acceptance into this event is based on the date and time of application submission, diversity of vendors, and payment.
All applicants will receive a confirmation email indicating whether they have been approved to participate in Minot’s Food Truck Festival. If accepted, you will also receive information about location and other set-up information closer to the event.
With your application, you are required to submit your Logo, City Permit, Minot Parks Permit, Insurance Coverage, Menu, Photos of your truck, Description and # of employees (wristbands needed, limit 6). For more information about these permits, please see our “Food Truck License and Permit Requirements” page.

Payments & Fees

Payment info must be received with the application. No refunds will be given. You will not be charged if your application is not accepted. No food truck or food stand will be considered without payment.
In the event of a severe weather delay. There is a non-refundable $50 amount.
There are no sales fees on top of your deposit after the event. However, you MUST submit the total of sales to ND Strong for tax purposes. You will receive a form prior to the event for the purpose of reporting sales. This form must be submitted prior to leaving the event grounds.

Vendor Payments:

Stands that sells ALL items under $7: $125

Trucks or Stands that sells items $7 and up: $250

Other Information

MARKETING: If you have photos of your food truck, menu items or business logo that you would like used for marketing purposes, please include them in your application. These photos and menus will be used to advertise your truck and the festival prior to the event. 

MENUS: It is highly recommended that each vendor provide a “taste” sampler that is no more than $5.00 per serving. This allows the public the opportunity to try more foods which in turn provides each and every one more business. NEW THIS YEAR: You will be limited to 5 menu items and they cannot exceed $10, please adjust portions accordingly.

Contact Us

Organization: ND Strong

Primary Contact: Amy Jenkins (701) 721-9068

Secondary Contact: Shandy Newton (320) 305-0953

Alternative Contact: Eric Thoemke (701) 721-0001




PO BOX 1614 

Minot, ND 58702