Furthermore, Azure Service Bus Queues have the ability of deleting themselves after a configurable amount of idle time. This feature is very practical when you create Queues for each user, because if a user hasn’t interacted with a Queue for the past month, it automatically gets clean it up. Once you’ve reached this limit your application will start receiving exceptions. It gives users complete control over their operating system, network, and storage of their VMs. AWS is the largest and most mature cloud service provider, with the greatest market share and resources. Though this question may seem simple, having a candidate talk through a cloud computing project is an excellent way to gauge their overall experience level and give insight into their thought process.

  • SQL managed instance can scale automatically, can deploy multiple instances of SQL Managed Instance in instance pools (preview) that can share the resources and can directly be implemented in VNet.
  • The interviewer wants to know if you have experience with this technology and if you are comfortable with it.
  • In order to address a certain web request, Profiler can assist you in finding the “hot” code route that takes up the longest time duration.
  • Through this question, the interviewer would check your knowledge about data movement in Azure.
  • Azure Arc-enabled servers are used to extend Azure management capabilities and apply Azure services consistently across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Cloud DNS lets you publish your zones and records in DNS without the burden of managing your DNS servers and software.
  • CSPack is a command-line tool that generates package files for applications that must deploy in Azure.

Update domains combine virtual machines and the underlying hardware that can reboot simultaneously. Before the maintenance on a different update domain, a restarted update domain takes 30 minutes to recover. In that case, Azure will credit the concerned user a certain percentage of their monthly payments based on the pricing model of the Azure services in question.

What are the roles implemented in Windows Azure?

By understanding your experience with these tasks, the interviewer can get a better sense of your skills and expertise. In your answer, you should explain the steps you would take to troubleshoot an issue with a cloud-based application running on Azure. You should start by identifying potential causes of the issue and then discuss how you would go about ruling out each one. Finally, you should explain how you would use the information gathered from the process to identify and implement a solution. This question is a way for the interviewer to assess your technical knowledge of the Azure cloud and how you would approach a problem.

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Finally, SaaS refers to a fully packaged software deployed and used on the cloud. Most of the applications we use today, from Slack to Microsoft Teams, are SaaS products. Microsoft offers its own SaaS products on Azure, such as the Azure DevOps platform.

Azure Storage plays the same role in Azure that ______ plays in Amazon Web Services.

Explain your experience with virtual networks and how you have configured them in the past. Talk about any challenges you encountered while configuring them and how you overcame those challenges. If you don’t have https://remotemode.net/ much experience, explain that you are comfortable learning new technologies and that you understand the basics of virtual networking. Explain what steps you would take to learn more and be successful in this role.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are JSON files mainly used to implement infrastructure as code for your Azure solutions. A declarative syntax is used in the template, which allows you to azure cloud engineer declare what you want to deliver without the use of any actual programming/coding. Azure File Storage- Managed file sharing for cloud and on-premises operations can be done with Azure Files.